30 Dinosaur Day Quotes, Messages & Wishes & Greetings

Dinosaur Day Quotes: Dinosaurs roamed the earth millions of years ago, and although they no longer exist, we still find them fascinating. This is why Dinosaur Day is celebrated every year on June 1st. If you are looking for some creative and fun ways to celebrate this day, then check out these 20 Dinosaur Day quotes, messages, wishes, and greetings.

What is Dinosaur Day?

Dinosaur Day is a day to celebrate the fascinating creatures that once roamed the earth. It is a day to appreciate their size, their power, and their place in history. Dinosaur Day is celebrated on June 1st each year, and it’s a great opportunity to learn more about these ancient creatures.

Dinosaur Day Quotes

Quotes are a great way to express your love for dinosaurs. Here are 10 inspirational, funny, and educational dinosaur day quotes that you can use to celebrate this special day.

Inspirational Dinosaur Day Quotes

“Dinosaurs may be extinct, but their legacy lives on in our fascination with them.” – Unknown

Dinosaur Day Quotes

“The history of life on earth has been a history of interaction between living things and their surroundings.” – Rachel Carson

“We have only begun to discover what the world of the dinosaurs was like.” – John Ostrom

“The dinosaurs became extinct because they didn’t have a space program.” – Larry Niven

“We must not forget that when radium was discovered no one knew that it would prove useful in hospitals. The work was one of pure science. And this is proof that scientific work must not be considered from the point of view of the direct usefulness of it.” – Marie Curie

Funny Dinosaur Day Quotes

“Why did the dinosaur cross the road? To get to the other side of the Mesozoic Era.” – Unknown

Funny Dinosaur Day Quotes

“I’m a tyrannosaurus wreck.” – Unknown

“Why did the dinosaur break up with his girlfriend? Because she was a little Jurassic for him.” – Unknown

“What do you call a dinosaur with an extensive vocabulary? A thesaurus.” – Unknown

“I never knew how much I loved dinosaurs until I saw Jurassic Park.” – Unknown

Educational Dinosaur Day Quotes

“Dinosaurs are the world’s way of laughing at us for thinking we’re so important.” – Unknown

Educational Dinosaur Day Quotes

“Dinosaurs aren’t extinct. They’re just hiding in museums.” – Unknown

“The study of fossils leads to the most surprising conclusions.” – Georges Cuvier

“Dinosaurs are a gateway drug to science.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

“The dinosaurs died out because they didn’t have a space program. And if we become complacent and don’t continue to explore, we will follow them into extinction.” – Stephen Hawking

Dinosaur Day Messages

If you want to send a message to your friends or loved ones on Dinosaur Day, then here are 5 messages that you can use:

“Wishing you a dino-mite Dinosaur Day!”

Dinosaur Day Messages

“Let’s celebrate the day of the mighty dinosaurs! Happy Dinosaur Day!”

“Hope your Dinosaur Day is as amazing as the dinosaurs themselves!”

“Sending you roaring good wishes on Dinosaur Day!”

“Time to stomp and roar! Happy Dinosaur Day to you and your loved ones!”

Dinosaur Day Wishes

If you’re looking for some wishes to share on social media or in a greeting card, then here are 5 Dinosaur Day wishes to inspire you:

“May your day be filled with excitement and adventure, just like the era of the dinosaurs!”

Dinosaur Day Wishes

“Here’s wishing you a dino-tastic day filled with wonder and amazement!”

“Sending you prehistoric wishes for a happy and fun-filled Dinosaur Day!”

“Wishing you a rawr-some Dinosaur Day filled with all your favourite dinosaur activities!”

“May the spirit of the dinosaurs live on in you on this special day. Happy Dinosaur Day!”

Dinosaur Day Greetings

If you want to send a more personalised message, then here are 5 Dinosaur Day greetings that you can use:

“Wishing you a happy Dinosaur Day! Hope you have a dino-mite time celebrating with your favourite prehistoric creatures!”

Dinosaur Day Greetings

“Happy Dinosaur Day! May the mighty T-Rex bring you joy and excitement today and always.”

“Sending you love and dino-hugs on this special day. Happy Dinosaur Day to you and your family!”

“Have a stomping good time on Dinosaur Day! Wishing you all the excitement and adventure of the Mesozoic Era.”

“Hope your Dinosaur Day is filled with all your favourite dinosaur-themed activities, from watching movies to visiting museums. Happy Dinosaur Day!”


Dinosaur Day is a fun and exciting day to celebrate the fascinating creatures that once roamed the earth. From inspirational to funny to educational, there are many great quotes, messages, wishes, and greetings to help you celebrate this special day. So, whether you’re a dinosaur enthusiast or just looking for a unique way to celebrate, be sure to use these 20 ideas to make your Dinosaur Day extra special.

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